The Technology Behind LED Screens


Within the last twenty years, LED screens have become widely used by television manufacturers. As the technology behind the LEDs increase, so does the efficiency and quality of the televisions being produced. The first true all LED display television was developed by James P. Mitchell in 1977 as a prototype. The prototype received awards given by NASA and the General Motors Corporation. The project was the first stepping stone in using LEDs to replace the older CRT system (cathode-ray tube technology). Even though the design was efficient, the technology was still limited to using only one color. It wasn’t until almost three decades later the technology would be developed enough to function.
The first TV using LED backlighting was made available on the market in 2004. The Sony Qualiia 005 was priced at 10,000 dollars and the 46″ television would revolutionize the entire industry. Currently, a 60 HDTV might run you about 1,500 or 2,000 dollars. This is a testament to how the technology is improving and is becoming more affordable along the way. Today’s current LED televisions have far improved, providing richer colors, higher contrast, and using less power than their predecessors.

Why are LED’s more efficient?

The efficiency of LEDs (light emitting diodes) is due to the process of how they convert electrical energy into light. While incandescent or HID lights use energy in the infrared spectrum, this generates unnecessary heat. LED’s don’t waste energy in the non producing light spectrum. They utilize technology which converts energy directly into the light of a single color. This more efficient process also reduces one’s carbon footprint, while additionally lengthening the lifetime of the light.


Originally, the first LED on the market was only capable of producing red light. The Monsanto Company was the first to commercialize the Red diode in 1968 by using gallium arsenide phosphide. Shortly after, in 1972 gallium nitride was discovered for the usage of creating the Blue LED. Over time different elements were discovered to create different colors, and produce more efficient light output in terms of lumens.
It wasn’t until the development of the White LED that the high efficiency of the blue LED was attained. By using a phosphor coating which allowed the emitter to absorb some of the blue color, a yellow color could be produced by fluorescence. While the first white LEDs were expensive and inefficient, the light output of LEDs grows exponentially, doubling approximately every 36 months. The newest development of experimental white LEDs has shown to generate over 300 lumens per watt of electricity. Some of these have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, not only is this a huge increase in electrical efficiency but also provides a lower cost per bulb.
With technology increasing at an exponential rate, not only does the affordability of LED screens increase, but open up a wider possibility of applications. From using massive LED displays such as Jumbotrons, or using smaller higher resolution applications such as OLED screens on mobile devices, it’s clear the last two decades have supplied us with numerous advancements in LED techonology.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Computer Internet

Computer was one of the greatest inventions of the human generation but this invention got even better with the invention of the internet. Computer and internet has changed the face of the modern world, the world of technology has evolved to a whole new level with the help of internet and computers. Human’s are the one who have been most benefited by this technology and are still using and inventing new things screen-shot-2011-12-12-at-8-59-39-amwith the use of the computer and internet. As there is always a brighter side and a darker side of anything, so there are many other benefits and disadvantages of using the computer and the internet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Computer Internet:


  1. Unlimited communication facility:

With the invention of the computer and internet, communication has been influenced to high extend. People from one corner of the world can easily communicate to the other corner without facing any trouble and problems. If you need to talk to someone by using the internet then you only need to pay to the internet provider for only enabling you with the internet facility and then you can simply enjoy the limitless communication.

  1. Limitless sources of Information:

You get ample amount of information which is present on internet. This information can be accessed from anywhere and you only need to only pay for the internet usage, nothing extra to the information that you have collected from the internet.

  1. Sharing of data:

With the use of the computers you can easily share data to the different corners of the world by the help of internet. This sharing of data can be even of huge amount and it can contain every possible data type which you need to transfer to someone else.Incognito-Mode


  1. Spam mails and Viruses:

One of the biggest drawback or disadvantage of using the computer searching and internet is the receiving of the viruses and spam mails which comes into your computer from the internet and if they are not removed properly then they might even crash down the whole system and your saved data can be deleted and lost forever.

  1. Hackers:

One of the biggest things that make the searching on the internet risky is the presence of the hackers from around the world. All the anti-social communities are always having hackers who can break down into your computer by the help of the internet when you are searching for some content on the internet and finally steal away all your private and personal information which can be very dangerous for 12956979-Computer-laptop-with-a-magnifying-glass-searching-the-internet-3D-isolated-on-a-white-background-Stock-Photoyou at the end.

  1. Addiction and kids getting exposed to the adult content:

This is the one of the most common problem that is becoming viral all over the world. Parents are getting tensed and worried all around the world because of the addiction of computer by their children. Moreover when these children get exposed to the adult contents and porn sites then they starts indulging themselves in various wrong activities and gets distracted from their goals.